Beyond the Meter – Episode 18: Getting the Green Light for Energy Projects

Welcome to Beyond the Meter, the sustainable and renewable energy podcast hosted by John Failla (Founder of Smart Energy Decisions). This podcast is designed to elevate the conversation on critical energy issues impacting large power users including commercial, industrial, higher education, and municipal organizations.


About the Episode

For many energy managers, achieving internal buy-in can be a challenge. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

In this episode of Beyond the Meter, host John Failla (Smart Energy Decisions founder) and Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions team members Mark Adams (Business Development Manager), Wayne Johnson (Key Segment Manager for Education) and Mike York (Sales Enablement) discuss the practical steps energy managers can take to help get internal approval of projects.

Listen in to learn more about how to overcome obstacles and common challenges, build support for your project and communicate the benefits of your project to decision-makers.

Topics discussed include:

  • How to make the business case for an energy project
  • How to avoid barriers to communication
  • Building consensus
  • How to pitch to the C-suite




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