Energy Infrastructure as a Service

Your business needs an up-to-date sustainable energy infrastructure designed to help operations run more smoothly – not inefficient equipment that may be costing you time, money and resources.

Through Energy Infrastructure as a Service, we’ll optimize your energy assets and help them better align with your overall business objectives. And by relieving your team from the burden of managing and constantly maintaining out-of-warranty equipment, you can refocus your resources on what matters.

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Optimize energy assets with Energy Infrastructure as a Service

Your electrical infrastructure (i.e., boilers, chillers, generators and HVAC systems) should be working for you, not the other way around.

At Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, we’ll connect you to the comprehensive energy infrastructure your business needs to help protect critical processes. By leveraging our core competencies, we invest resources, processes and capital into new and existing energy infrastructure systems and renewable energy solutions.

We’ll help you reach peak performance and resiliency, based on your unique requirements. That means connecting you to our broad spectrum of specialized solutions that include renewable energy, backup power generation, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), consultative assessments, distributed energy assets, advanced solar-powered microgrid systems, financing and end-to-end project ownership.

Fast track your long-term plans.


Reliability and Responsiveness

With a long history of helping our clients sustain operations during emergencies, you can have peace of mind knowing we’ll also be dedicated to helping you maintain power for your critical operations.


Reach Your Energy Goals

Our solutions target greater uptime, enhanced sustainability and equipment productivity, and support enhanced safety. We’ll provide you with the latest trends and insights, and help ensure your overall energy strategy is aligned with specific objectives.


Creative Financing Solutions

We’ll help minimize risks to your business and take responsibility for design, installation, ownership, operation, and maintenance of your power solutions. Our innovative approach to financing frees your capital while providing cost predictability.

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