We'll connect you to a cost-effective, more reliable and energy-efficient infrastructure that helps keep your manufacturing operations running smoothly.

Why Manufacturers Choose Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions

Reliable Energy Systems. Lower Costs. Project Financing.

Stay Up and Running

Don't leave your operations up to chance. We'll install or replace your backup power system with an energy-efficient and reliable infrastructure that will help keep your systems running before, during and after a planned or emergency power loss.

Protect Assets and Automation

Even momentary blips in power can cause expensive line resets and loss of raw materials. Voltage sags and surges can put your high-tech automation at risk of damage. Uninterruptible power supplies and updated infrastructure help make sure outages don’t affect your equipment.

Free Up Capital

A resilient energy infrastructure can provide you with the price predictability, equipment reliability and lower operational costs you need to refocus your manufacturing resources to core profit-generating operations.

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