REC Solar, Duke Energy One and Duke Energy Renewables are now working together as Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions!

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We'll connect you to a cost-effective, more reliable and energy-efficient infrastructure that helps keep your manufacturing operations running smoothly.

Why Manufacturers Choose Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions

Reliable Backup Power. Lower Energy Costs. Project Financing.

Reach Sustainability Goals

Position your company as a leading socially responsible organization. Our sustainable energy and microgrid solutions can help you meet greenhouse gas reduction goals, meet legislative sustainability requirements and better align with clients' sustainability values.

Stay Up and Running

Don't leave your operations up to chance. We'll install or replace your backup power system with an energy-efficient and reliable infrastructure that will help keep your systems running before, during and after a planned or emergency power loss.

Refocus Resources

A sustainable energy infrastructure can provide you with the price predictability, equipment reliability and lower operational costs you need to refocus your manufacturing resources to more pressing matters.

Learn more about sustainable solutions for manufacturers

Want to take a deeper dive into how our solutions help drive your organization’s success? Click the links below to download an overview of our sustainable energy solutions and frequently asked questions for manufacturers.



Your trusted advisor for manufacturing industry solutions

As key segment manager for manufacturing, Brent Tracy helps manufacturing companies reach their resiliency, greenhouse gas emission reduction, energy conservation and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.

Brent can advise you on the energy asset infrastructure opportunities, solutions and strategies that can give you quick wins and long-term pathways to success. Based on your needs, he can find the right combination of on-site solar and wind, microgrid controls, energy storage, power purchase agreements (PPAs) with off-site renewables, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, LED lighting, central utility plant boilers and chillers. And that’s just the beginning.

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