Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical manufacturing calls for precise operations. That's why a reliable energy infrastructure is key to your organization’s success.

Why Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Choose Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions

Optimize Performance, Enhance Efficiency and Improve Power Quality.

Free Up Capital

Our DBOOM (design, build, own, operate and maintain) model means you don’t need capital upfront to execute your energy project. Instead, you can get a predictable monthly payment and a team that keeps your energy equipment in optimum shape. You can focus your capital on core profit-generating operations.

Increase Resiliency

Our resiliency solutions can give you peace of mind knowing your critical operations are better protected before, during and after unplanned power outages. Together, we'll position your organization for future success.

Reduce Risks

Our assessments closely examine risk mitigation objectives throughout your organization. But that's just the starting point. We'll then work with you to develop solutions that help mitigate those electrical/mechanical system risks – all while keeping your bottom line in mind.

Energy Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

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