Distributed Generation

Meet your energy challenges with the right balance of storage, generation and microgrid assets while keeping a close eye on your bottom line. Check out these links to see how we are delivering resilient assets today for our customers that can easily adapt to tomorrow’s electrification demands.

Highly efficient distributed energy generation where you need it most

The flexibility of distributed generation allows you to address your critical operations and avoid outages. In addition to designing and building storage and generation assets, we carefully analyze your electrical distribution infrastructure to provide resilient and flexible pathways to help keep your business or campus operating during times of adverse weather, energy arbitration or power quality issues. See how much more resilient and efficient your operations can be with comprehensive combined heat and power (CHP), central utility plant (CUP), battery energy storage systems (BESS) and microgrid solutions.



Increased reliability
Extreme weather can impact your access to power. Our distributed generation solutions can serve as backup for grid outages, helping to increase and better protect the reliability of your power when you need it most.


More Savings
Lower grid-sourced energy use, avoid peak demand charges and take advantage of clean energy incentives and tax credits — each helps to lower your costs while increasing your internal rate of return (IRR).


Lower emissions
CHP plus energy storage work together to help you get more out of your fuel while you emit less. We’ll help you understand how your distributed generation investment lowers emissions.

Distributed Generation Solutions

Combined heat and power solutions help you get more energy out of the same amount of fuel. It’s the low-hanging fruit of energy efficiency. And can help you build an affordable foundation for more sustainability – systems built now can be converted easily to green hydrogen and renewable natural gas when those become commercially available. CHP is a good fit for:

    • Energy-intensive sites with a high thermal load of steam and/or absorption chilling
    • Customers with aging infrastructure and need for resiliency
    • Sites that require at least 100,000 kWh electricity and thermal load of 600 MMBtu (million Btu) per month


Energy Storage
Whether you are looking for a cutting-edge BESS (battery energy storage system) for your microgrid or thermal energy storage (e.g., ice, chilled water or hot water) for cooling and heating needs, we’re here to help. You can use these solutions to lower your peak demand and have a zero-carbon backup power source for emergencies.


Your central utility plant (CUP) is the hub of your building or campus operations, providing the heating, cooling, compressed air and electricity your organization needs to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment. You can centralize operations while we update boilers and chillers, and provide automation, staffing and performance analysis. We carefully assess your energy needs to take advantage of existing assets and consider reliable innovations such as steam to hot water conversions, high-efficiency heat pump solutions, energy recovery systems, thermal energy storage and geothermal applications. We layer these technologies with advanced analytics and fault detection systems to provide continual commissioning. These assets, when paired with our Network Operations Center support and monitoring, are designed to increase efficiency and user satisfaction, extend asset useful life, decrease downtime and reduce operating costs.

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