Distributed Generation

Choosing the right mix of generation sources is critical to your sustainable energy future. We’ll help you tap the right on-site generation to help improve your “triple bottom line”: people, profit and the planet.

Solar Panels
Highly efficient distributed energy generation where you need it most

The most efficient energy source is the one located closest to use. With nearly 1,000 distributed generation projects nationwide — ranging from under 1 MW to nearly 40 MWs — we’ll tailor solar, energy storage and central utility plant solutions to meet your unique business needs and long-term goals.

That means less emissions, less energy use and more reliability for your business operations.



Increased reliability
Extreme weather can impact your access to power. Our distributed generation solutions can serve as backup for grid outages, helping to increase and better protect the reliability of your power when you need it most.


More Savings
Lower grid-sourced energy use, avoid peak demand charges and take advantage of clean energy incentives and tax credits — each helps to lower your costs while increasing your internal rate of return (IRR).


Lower emissions
Solar plus energy storage is the new power couple. We’ll help you understand how your distributed generation investment lowers emissions and demand charges.

Here's how we'll create a distributed generation plan specifically for you

From project management and design, to construction, operations and maintenance, we have extensive experience building customized systems, streamlining projects and lowering your costs.

Step 1: Strategize

Let’s analyze your current energy usage, compare options, and prioritize lowering costs, reducing emissions and/or adding resiliency.

Step 2: Design & Finance

Working across your stakeholders and sites, we can help you engineer a plan – and connect you with financial options to pay for it, too.

Step 3: Build & Operate

Leverage our industry-leading and nationwide experience to build and operate for years to come.

Step 4: Optimize Full Life Cycle

Whether you have a new greenfield site or are looking at making changes or upgrades to an existing system, we offer recommissioning, repowering and decommissioning that best fit your needs.

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