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Distributed Generation

Energy Storage Solutions

Battery energy storage is solar’s best friend. Together, they transform excess on-site generation into an energy powerhouse that’s still available when the sun doesn’t shine or grid-sourced energy is most expensive. That means you can enjoy even more cost savings.

Whether you have existing on-site solar or are planning to install it, explore how the solar battery storage pairing can work for you.

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Help increase savings. Help improve energy resiliency.

Businesses with a lot of demand fluctuation have a “spiky” load associated with drastic shifts throughout the day, which is based on how much energy they’re consuming. Storage helps reduce that spike – and the associated energy cost.

If you haven’t looked at battery energy storage systems (BESS) in a while, you may be surprised, by both price drops and major product improvements.

With national tax incentives like the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and state-specific programs such as SMART in Massachusetts and SGIP in California, energy storage can be a solid investment coast to coast.



Manage your energy use

Help lower energy costs by reducing your peak loads and directly powering demand when energy rates are at their peaks.


More Resiliency

When you upgrade your energy storage, you can add microgrid equipment to island from the grid.


No Peaker Plants

Energy storage supports less usage of peaker plants and may provide additional revenue stream to customers through programs such as Demand Response.

Solar battery storage that works for you.


Years of experience

>1-7 MWh

Range of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) installed


On-site solar sites nationwide

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