Logistics & Transportation

To remain competitive, transportation organizations need an energy infrastructure that can increase the efficiency and resilience of operations. Whether you need to electrify your delivery fleet, support EV chargers, or want backup power for your fulfillment center, we have your back.

Why Transportation Organizations Choose Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions

Future-Proof Your Operations and Electrify Your Fleets.

Efficient Charging Capacity

Electrification often means installing new infrastructure to deliver the larger amounts of power needed to support electric fleets. With our utility-grade engineering, you get right-sized, dependable infrastructure to help keep your fleet charging efficiently and on the road.

Increase Resiliency & Reduce Risks

Energy resilience is key for all our solutions. We'll connect you to the resilient assets and strategies you need to help keep your operations running seamlessly. We take over the ownership, operation and maintenance of your energy systems. That means you can reduce risks and expedite deployment of energy assets.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

One major challenge fleet operators face is reducing operating costs. With greater upfront vehicle capital costs and uncertain fuel expenses, electric vehicle fleets can cost more than traditional fleets. We can optimize your fleet economics and help lower your total cost of ownership (TCO).

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