REC Solar, Duke Energy One and Duke Energy Renewables are now working together as Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions!

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To remain competitive, transportation organizations need an energy infrastructure that can increase the efficiency and resilience of operations. A sustainable energy infrastructure is key to achieving those goals.

Why Transportation Organizations Choose Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions

Future Proof Your Operations.

Increase Resiliency

Energy resilience is a key performance indicator in all our solutions. We'll connect you to the sustainable and resilient assets and strategies you need to help keep your operations running seamlessly.

Improve Sustainability

We'll help you improve the energy efficiency of your assets by adding green energy to your portfolio and offering electrification and decarbonization options to achieve impactful results.

Reduce Risks

We'll take over the ownership, operation and maintenance of your energy systems. That means you can reduce risks by expediting deployment of sustainable energy assets.

Learn more about sustainable solutions for transportation organizations

Want to take a deeper dive into how our solutions help drive your organization’s success? Click the links below to download an overview of our sustainable energy solutions and frequently asked questions for transportation organizations.



Your trusted advisor for transportation industry solutions

As key segment manager for transportation, Michael Kilpatrick helps electric vehicle fleets, airports and seaports thrive in the evolving sustainable energy economy. He can create a custom energy asset solution that can help you reach your sustainability goals and save on energy costs.

Michael understands the ins and outs of energy markets, public policy and renewable energy. And more importantly – he knows that you and your customers rely on dependable operations whether you’re shipping product or moving people. Michael can help you achieve stronger and more resilient operations – all while helping you reach your efficiency and clean energy goals.

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