Getting the Green Light

Download the e-Book: “Getting the Green Light: How to Build Consensus, Make Your Pitch, and Get Your Energy Project Approved”

Achieving internal buy-in for energy projects is a common challenge – especially when it’s a team of engineers and energy managers making the pitch instead of salespeople. Take advantage of this reference guide of tips from our team of sales consultants, engineers, and project specialists to help you get your next sustainability or resiliency project approved.

In “Getting the Green Light”, you’ll be taken step-by-step through:

• Building an internal team
• Warming up your audience
• Writing a project brief
• Creating your presentation
• Presenting to decision-makers
• Circling back if you don’t get immediate approval

In this ten-minute read, you’ll also learn how to talk to VPs, when to consult your finance team and how to put together comprehensive documents about your proposed project. Download this free e-book using the form below.


Join a Free “Getting the Green Light” Virtual Workshop

As part of our Hallway Track event series, we at Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions are putting together small group virtual workshops on how to get internal approval for energy projects. Each workshop will have a moderator with experience helping customers build internal consensus and taking the pressure out of project pitches.

The workshop will expand on the information in the “Getting the Green Light” e-book, and include peer discussion and problem-solving for your project specific challenges.

Stay tuned for workshop dates and times. By selecting Yes below, your information will be added to our workshop mailing list. We’ll contact you as soon as sessions open for registration.

Getting the Green Light: How to Build Consensus, Make Your Pitch, and Get Your Energy Project Approved

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