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We'll create a customized energy infrastructure plan that helps ensure the reliability and efficiency of operations, meeting your needs today and for years to come.

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Why Schools and Universities Choose Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions.

Improve Sustainability

Making the switch to sustainable energy can help reduce and stabilize your energy consumption. Using innovative yet proven technologies, such as microgrids, we can help your school migrate away from fossil sources – while keeping your bottom line in mind.

Reduce Risks

Avoid unplanned outages and wasteful spending. Our energy advisory services team can help you design and implement solutions that better manage your assets and infrastructure.

Increase Resiliency

A resilient energy infrastructure is key to meeting your campus preparedness objectives. Our resiliency solutions integrate seamlessly into your overall energy plan, helping you preserve research and lab operations, maintain campus network resources and more.

Your trusted advisor for education industry solutions

As key segment manager for education, Wayne Johnson helps public and private schools and colleges overcome the evolving challenges of energy infrastructure. He can help you manage all the assets that generate or consume power on your campus including your mechanical infrastructure and control systems.

Wayne builds solutions that balance the needs of facilities managers, CFOs, presidents, faculty, staff, students and local communities. Some organizations are looking to cut energy costs – others want to be sustainability leaders. Either way, he can help your school become more energy efficient, sustainable and ready for the future. 

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