Energy Resilience

Microgrids, battery energy storage, generators, UPS, controls and automation — our energy resilience solutions work together to provide the backup power your business needs.

Help avoid costly downtime

To help mitigate risks and costs of electric grid downtime, we offer a spectrum of energy resiliency solutions that can pay for themselves.

Explore our energy resilience solutions.


Customized Resilience

We work with you to combine your loads and distributed generation technologies with electrical infrastructure and controls to fit the unique needs of each site.


Cut Emissions

The latest in low-emissions technologies can drastically reduce your backup generation footprint during grid outages. We’ll show you how they can pay for themselves, too.


Increase Value & Returns

Studies show that your return on investments in resiliency can jump through grid-connected use of assets (such as energy storage) to lower demand charges on energy bills.

Make the most of your energy resilience investments.


Backup Plan Viability

As you build your plan, we'll work with you to consider the cost of downtime, impact on operations, prioritization by loads and location, and how to weigh investment options accordingly.

Emergency Backup

Energy Resilience as a Service offerings help ensure fuel is available and equipment is in order when you need it most.


Integrate the best software, controls, equipment and technologies for your location, utility and islanding needs. That includes modified VPPAs for wind, energy storage and microgrid controls.

Safety & Environment

Safe operations during emergencies is a priority. And so is caring for the environment, from project launch through decommissioning and end of project life.
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