Energy Resiliency

Commercial Backup Generators

When it comes to commercial backup generators, out of sight doesn’t have to mean out of mind. Our team is here to make sure your backup generator is running when you need it most. Because when it comes to energy resiliency, we’ve got your back.

Back Up Generator

Islanding from the grid doesn’t mean you stand alone

Your insurance against the true costs of downtime — lost revenues, productivity, spoilage, penalties for noncompliance, customer satisfaction — should include commercial backup generators.

We help you size and source cost-effective backup generators, including uninterruptible power supplies. Use them on their own or ask us about bundling with other distributed generation into full microgrids.



Emergency Backup

Design and build the energy backup you need to fit your available space, redundancy, historical performance, load prioritization, and size for anticipated outage durations.


Fueling & Maintenance

From fuel purchasing and distribution during emergencies to helping ensure your commercial backup generators are in solid working order, we manage the details so you don’t have to.


Resiliency as a Service

Achieve the energy reliability your business demands with fixed monthly payments that include remote monitoring, testing, environmental reporting, fuel, retrofits and maintenance.

Commercial backup generators


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