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Connect to Something Greater

Your ambitious goals call for creative solutions. Forward-thinking ideas designed to help your business operate more reliably, more economically and more sustainably. That’s where Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions comes in.

As a nationwide leader in renewable and sustainable energy, we know how to connect you to the energy infrastructure that your business needs today – and for decades to come. All you need to do is take the first step today. Let’s reach for something better, together.

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Connect to a Greater Purpose

We're not just optimistic – we're ambitious. And we know renewables and sustainable energy can create real change in our communities. That's why we approach every customer, every project and every solution with a commitment to making a real difference not only for your business, but also for the world around us.

Connect to Reliability

We know what it means to be there for our customers. With our broad insight and deep knowledge of a variety of clean energy solutions and services, we empower our customers to run stronger, more resilient operations that seamlessly integrate into their overall business models.

Connect to Innovation

Accelerating the transition to a smarter, more sustainable energy future requires a forward-thinking, innovative mindset – and a greater determination to develop tomorrow's energy solutions today. By exploring new and better products and services, we're connecting our customers to the cutting-edge products and services they need for years to come.

Our Impact


MW renewables owned and operated


years of experience


renewables installations


Times our equipment provided businesses with continuity during power outages

Imagine More. Do More. Be More.

Maybe you need to avoid unplanned downtime. Maybe you need to cut costs, refocus resources and get back to what matters most. Or maybe you’re looking to cut emissions and reach ambitious sustainability goals. From wind and solar solutions to resilient backup power and managed energy services, we’re here to help you imagine more. Do more. And be more.

Project Financing

We'll help you cut costs and maximize savings through price predictability and a wide range of short- and longer-term financing options.


Better protect your operations. We help our customers reduce risks with unique backup power and resiliency plans customized for each of your sites.

Renewables and Energy Storage

Ambitious sustainability goals? No problem. Our expanded suite of solar, wind and battery solutions will help you reach your net-zero and emissions reduction goals faster.

Energy Efficiency

The more efficient your equipment, the lower your energy needs will be. We'll help you find ways to better achieve your sustainability goals, cut costs and promote a more productive work environment.

Energy Infrastructure as a Service

We'll take on the ownership, operation and maintenance of your energy systems, so you and your staff can get back to what matters most.

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