Custom Solutions for Renewables and Resiliency

Seeking solutions for your business evolving energy needs? Whether you need to add renewables to offset emissions and help you achieve your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals or you need resiliency solutions to harden your operations against power interruptions, we develop customized solutions to help you meet your needs.  

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Get the energy outcomes you need
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You’re facing a rapidly changing business landscape – corporate sustainability goals, the demands of a fast-growing business, aging equipment and the increasing need for power reliability. We have decades of experience helping customers move toward their goals with comprehensive energy solutions.

Leverage our experience and get peace of mind. We work with you to design a solution to help you reach your business objectives. Our team will handle engineering, construction, maintenance and technical staffing. That means your team can focus on your core business – not on what powers it.

How We Work with You to Create a Solution


Customized for outcomes 

We customize a solution to help you meet your energy infrastructure needs based on your business goals for energy resiliency, sustainability, and growth. 


Experienced support 

Skip the worry of technical staffing, training and oversight so you can focus your business resources on what matters. In our design, build, own, operate and maintain (DBOOM) model, we own the energy project and handle operations and maintenance, keeping the equipment in optimal condition.  


Predictable costs 

You can get a predictable monthly payment to help you reliably forecast costs. We offer flexible financing options with capital leases, operating leases, power purchase agreements (PPAs) and virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs).  

Customized energy solutions for your business goals.

You have ambitious energy goals. You also need customized energy solutions.

That’s why Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions offers comprehensive, customized solutions designed to help you meet not only your energy goals but also your business objectives.

And in our latest video, we’re breaking down how it all works to your advantage. Watch the video below to learn more about how our experienced team works with organizations like yours to create customized solutions for their unique business needs.

Benefits of Our DBOOM Model

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Focus on your core business

Companies are adapting to accelerated change by divesting from assets that don’t make them money. With Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions performing operations and maintenance for the energy assets, your team and resources can focus on your core business.
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Mitigate risk

You need to know the cost at startup and every day after – and be confident that your investment will work when you need it. You can. Let us own the project and you get predictable fixed costs. No surprise maintenance expenses. You won’t even be left on the hook if a warranty expires during the life of the contract.
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Get comprehensive outcomes

You have ambitious energy goals. Energy is our business. Don’t resort to value-engineered projects that fall short of reaching your objectives. Let us craft a comprehensive solution, designed and managed to help you hit your targets. Just leave the energy infrastructure and resiliency equipment to our professionals.

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