Operations and Maintenance

The energy assets you leverage or build today will last for up to 30 years. Do you have the ongoing dedicated staff and resources needed to keep each energy system working well – always prepared for dispatch during emergencies and normal operations?

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When it comes to reliable energy infrastructure, cutting corners can reduce the usable lifespan of your energy assets and mean your backup generators might not be ready to start when you need them. Often, customer facilities teams are distracted by the multitude of daily needs that keep them from the critical care and attention needed to deliver resiliency. This is where our process can help deliver excellence and allow your staff the freedom to attend to other critical needs of your business.

Based on our extensive experience analyzing and interpreting preventive maintenance and equipment relationships, our team has developed a comprehensive operations and maintenance plan that includes annual and preventive maintenance requirements to help ensure the reliability of your systems.

Long-term service builds long-term trust

We value ongoing customer satisfaction and understand that a contract is just the beginning of a long-term relationship with our customers. We measure the quality of our own-operate-and-maintain business model through customer relationships, plus continual project and portfolio analysis.

Our team is your team

Our experienced O&M team works with a network of field technicians and subcontractors to provide top-of-the-line 24/7 system monitoring, routine on-site maintenance, and emergency response to systems nationwide. With our monitoring, services and refueling are typically dispatched to your location before you notice you need them.

Fuel certainty

A resilient solution is only beneficial when all critical components work together to deliver energy on demand. Our team not only considers the operation of your mechanical assets, but also can provide for a resilient flow of energy commodities to meet your longer-duration outage needs.

Customized service

An O&M schedule includes preventive maintenance, remote equipment monitoring of system configuration, switching, routine testing of the system under load, plus data storage and archiving. We work any planned downtime around your schedule and make sure your assets fit your evolving energy needs.

Network Operations Center

When you work with Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, you get support from our network operations center (NOC) – designed to optimize operations, 24/7 monitoring and diagnostic capabilities while reducing operating costs. Worried about hackers? Our cybersecurity is utility-grade. It’s some of the best in the world.


You’ll benefit from robust and secure connections that allow remote operation and monitoring, and efficient control of your assets. Our comprehensive monitoring platform helps enable optimal performance and fault analysis, and minimizes any interruptions. Many of our customers have seen improvement in site safety because our operational mapping provides data about the project’s normal configuration.


Advantages of our NOC:

  • Scheduling, forecasting, full monitoring and diagnostics
  • Emergency response support, including dispatching of service resources and notification
  • Performance tracking
  • Management of multiple sites at one center of control
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Ability to work across different asset lines

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