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Energy Infrastructure

Building and campus energy systems use as much as 40% of U.S. energy.* That makes your on-site energy infrastructure a great place to invest to lower costs while creating a healthier workplace.

*Increasing Efficiency of Building Systems and Technologies, U.S. Dept. of Energy

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Optimize energy infrastructure systems

If you’re facing capital constraints or need more predictable cost management, consider the ways energy infrastructure outsourcing can benefit your business. We’ll help you adopt efficient technologies and keep costs down. That means your team can focus on your core business – not on what powers it.

Your Transition to Sustainable Energy Starts Here


Lower usage & demand
Lower energy usage means significant cost savings for your business. Our electrical and mechanical solutions can help you avoid demand spikes and high rates based on energy usage.


Help increase safety & effectiveness
Energy Infrastructure as a Service agreements help promote safety, security and operational excellence (plus lower costs) your business needs to remain competitive.


Promote a healthier environment
From reducing airborne contaminants to promoting a more productive work environment, we’ll help you create an energy strategy to promote health and improved comfort and well-being.

The Case for Outsourcing Energy Systems



Change is accelerating. That means your existing capital energy investments may be devaluing faster than they age. We'll help you profitably transition the tipping point where replacement is better than maintaining and repairing.


The direction and impact of the carbon-free energy transition are clear: reducing consumption while increasing sustainability is key. We'll help you develop a transition plan that works best for your business.


Looking to accelerate five-year goals within your current capital or operating expenditure limitations? We'll work with you to help you make smart choices that translate your energy vision into reality.


Shifting to outsourced on-site energy systems means tapping the latest industry innovations. Is it time for a clean assessment of your people, assets and energy resource practices? If so, we can help.

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