1. Podcast

    Beyond the Meter – Episode 19: Driving Energy Innovation in Data Centers with Clemson University

    In this episode of Beyond the Meter, host John Failla is joined by Jay Harris (Director of Data Center Services and Facilities for Clemson University) and Wayne Johnson (DESS Key Segment Manager for Education). Listen in as Harris and Johnson discuss their organizations’ collaboration on energy infrastructure projects and provide insights into why these projects are critical to the university’s overall success.
  2. Podcast

    Beyond the Meter – Episode 18: Getting the Green Light for Energy Projects

    In this Smart Energy Decisions podcast, Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions team members discuss how energy managers can get consensus and internal buy-in for their energy projects.
  3. Podcast

    Beyond the Meter – Episode 17: Collaborating to Drive Diversity in Clean Energy

    Learn more about how DiCE, a program designed to advance equity in clean energy, is benefiting from effective collaboration and how the DiCE/AABE platform is helping to facilitate the inclusion of diverse suppliers into mainstream corporate supply chains.
  4. Podcast

    Beyond the Meter – Episode 15: Innovation Through Electrification

    Listen to this podcast to get inspired and learn more about Anaheim Transportation Network’s early motivation for electrification, the community impact and how they overcame challenges in electrification.  
  5. Podcast

    Beyond the Meter – Episode 14: The Power of Resiliency

    Municipalities across the U.S. experience any number of challenges when building infrastructure projects and energy solutions, but one of the biggest is building with future needs in mind. The issues of resilience and sustainability are front and center in this undertaking, and the guests on this episode are on the front lines.
  6. Podcast

    Beyond The Meter – Episode 13: ESG Investing & Innovative Financing Models

    Many companies are looking to ESGs to guide sustainability decisions and to prove their sustainability commitment to customers and stakeholders. In the ESG Investing and Innovative Finance Models episode, Smart Energy Decisions founder John Failla and Duke Energy guests discuss megatrends in ESG investing and why it’s growing in popularity, Duke Energy’s recent ESG Investor Day, the importance of collaboration and stakeholder engagement, how Duke Energy is leveraging investments to create a sustainable energy future.
  7. Podcast

    Beyond The Meter – Episode 12: Electrification of Transportation

    In the Electrification of Transportation podcast episode, listen in as Smart Energy Decisions founder John Failla and guests from Duke Energy and the American Cities Climate Challenge discuss the City of Charlotte’s fleet electrification goals, why cities and corporate entities are pursuing fleet electrification, the role utilities play in a local government or corporate organization’s fleet electrification plans and what’s on the horizon for fleet electrification.
  8. Podcast

    Beyond The Meter – Episode 11: Evolving Energy Strategies In Higher Ed – What’s Next?

    From lighting and heating to equipment and technology, the expenses and energy usage at higher education institutions can be enormous. But for those same reasons, these institutions have a tremendous opportunity to move toward sustainable energy solutions, which may result in a cleaner environment and cost savings. In this episode, Smart Energy Decisions founder John Failla and guests from Cal Poly, Ithaca College and Duke Energy One discuss renewable energy trends, challenges and opportunities in higher education.
  9. Podcast

    Beyond The Meter – Episode 10: Teaming on Sustainability: Manufacturing & Retail

    While many people know Kroger as the nation’s largest traditional food retailer, few know that it is the fifth largest consumer packaged goods manufacturer in the nation and has more than 2,800 retail food stores under a variety of banner names. In this episode, Smart Energy Decisions founder John Failla and guests from Kroger discuss Kroger’s commitment to advancing positive change in their company and communities through a number of environmental and social impact plans.
  10. Podcast

    Beyond The Meter – Episode 9: Resiliency and Technology in Cities

    Most of us live day to day without giving much thought to the infrastructure that keeps our city services running smoothly – that is, until a natural disaster or outage occurs. In this conversation about the importance of resiliency and technology in cities, host John Failla and special guests from the City of Greensboro discuss Greensboro’s Smart Cities initiative, the importance of resiliency in city infrastructure and emerging priorities for cities and the communities they serve.
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