Beyond the Meter – Episode 14: The Power of Resiliency

Welcome to Beyond the Meter, the renewable energy podcast hosted by John Failla (Founder of Smart Energy Decisions). This podcast is designed to elevate the conversation on critical issues impacting the adoption of renewable energy sourcing by large electric power users including commercial, industrial, higher education, and municipal organizations.


About the Episode

Municipalities across the U.S. experience any number of challenges when building infrastructure projects and energy solutions, but one of the biggest is building with future needs in mind. The issues of resilience and sustainability are front and center in this undertaking, and the guests on this episode are on the front lines. 

Join John Failla of Smart Energy Decisions as he hosts a conversation about resilience and sustainability, with guests Ann Kloose (City of Fresno Manager of Sustainability), Whit Remer (City of Tampa Sustainability and Resilience Officer) and Michael Kilpatrick (Key Segment Manager for State and Local Governments at Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions). 

Topics discussed include:

    • How does resiliency play into an overall sustainability plan?
    • What is happening in municipalities across the U.S.?
    • How infrastructure can be designed in adaptable and user-friendly ways
    • The biggest challenges in building future-ready projects
    • Unifying stakeholders around common goals
    • Specific projects happening in Fresno and Tampa
    • Trends being seen across the U.S.
    • How social equity figures into resiliency




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