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    Integrating Energy Resiliency in Business Continuity Plans

    Learn why your business continuity plan must start and end with energy resilience – and how that prioritization can boost your operational resiliency, emergency planning and product integrity.
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    What Is the Inflation Reduction Act: A Commercial Business’s Overview of Energy Storage and Solar Tax Credits

    In this blog, we’ll answer some of your most frequently asked questions by discussing the legislation’s solar tax credits and how it expands your access to renewable energy options like battery storage and community solar. Walking you through the most relevant parts of the IRA, we’ll help you better understand how these financial incentives can help your company better reach its sustainability goals.
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    What Happens When Your Resiliency Plan Fails?

    We expect power to be available at the flip of a switch. Unfortunately, bad weather, animals and equipment failure across the electric grid can threaten energy access. It’s a very real risk to our energy systems and businesses.
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    Future-Proofing Your Manufacturing Plant

    In the first blog in this series, we discussed ways to optimize your plant by auditing it for efficiency opportunities. In this second installment, we’ll walk through some questions to ask yourself as you build a resiliency strategy.
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    The Changing Landscape of Energy in Retail and Distribution

    Learn about the current state of the retail & distribution industry, and developments in technology and energy use – including ways to transition your operations for more resiliency and efficiency.
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    5 Key Takeaways from LOTL: The Evolution of Energy in the Retail/Grocery Space

    We sat down with Denis George of The Kroger Company to talk about energy in the grocery/retail segment, new technology and tips for new energy managers. Here’s a roundup of the best quotes from his interview.
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    Funding Sustainability Initiatives: A Reflection on Pandemic Era Financing Innovation

    Explore the risks of putting off maintenance, the current facilities landscape and better ways to collaborate to help your campus achieve their energy goals. See how Energy as a Service models can help institutions break the cycle of deferred maintenance.
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    Energy Storage Systems for Renewable Energy

    Whether your organization needs more reliable backup power, wants to lower costs or is interested in reducing emissions, now is the time to take a closer look at the benefits of investing in an energy storage system. And we have just the guide to get you started.
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    Five Tips for Taking on Energy and Sustainability for Schools in 2022

    The federal infrastructure bill passed this fall with the inclusion of some financial benefits for schools. Though these benefits will take time to deploy, the support for a more resilient and cleaner energy grid is a win for us all. There are also provisions to help states with carbon management.
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    Net-Zero 101

    Learn the ins and outs of net-zero. What it means for you and your business as terms keep evolving.
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