The Top 5 Benefits of Energy Infrastructure As-a-Service

Most professionals are very familiar with as-a-service offerings and rely on many of them every day. Companies commonly contract software, platform or business support on an as-a-service basis. But you may be less familiar with how these agreements function outside of the digital space with infrastructure or energy.

So many organizations allocate time and effort to manage energy and utilities in the hopes of minimizing disruption. In doing so, they perform these tasks at the expense of revenue-generating activities that are core to their business plans.

By creating a strategic alliance with an energy advisor whose expertise is outside of your core competencies, you help free up resources for your key proficiencies, grow the bottom line and eliminate significant portions of business risk.

An energy service alliance allows you to implement strategies to reduce facility operating costs, improve business functions and achieve corporate goals. This collaboration focuses on lowering the life cycle cost of equipment and implements proven technologies and operations methodology to increase efficiencies and reduce risk.

At Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, our goal is to help your business be more profitable and easier to manage by:

1.Transferring Cost from Capital to Operating Expenditure

Our approach allows you to use your capital to invest in growth initiatives. We put our capital to work for you and provide long-term solutions that you can expense as part of your operating budget.

2. Allowing You to Concentrate on Your Core Business

Time and attention are limited, and those valuable resources should be used to strengthen your core business. Outsourcing, rather than allocating critical leadership focus and attention to the functions that support your business, allows you to use your costly human resources more effectively.

Backup generator installation
Backup generator installation

3. Providing Expertise and Risk Management

If it is not part of your core business, an advisor with the technical expertise, equipment and experience can better perform and manage energy portfolio performance and ROI returns. By outsourcing certain components of your business to a trusted advisor with the proper skill sets and knowledge of responsibilities, you also mitigate potential risks and problems.

4. Using Proven Technology and Dedicated Resources

The continuous operation of your business requires reliable and continuous power. Power interruptions result in lost sales, product and production loss, missed deadlines, equipment damage and other business distractions. We analyze your business, listen to your needs and provide the best brand-agnostic solutions to achieve the desired results. Then, we monitor and maintain the equipment and provide full warranties for the term of the agreement.

5. Accelerating Long-Term Plans

Too many businesses are not realizing the operational and financial benefits of upgrading inefficient energy technologies. Many don’t seek solutions to equipment and facility issues that negatively affect their business. These opportunities may be postponed or delayed because all the benefits are not clearly understood or properly financially analyzed. We frame the solution benefits using your business metrics and by using our capital. In doing so, we help you accelerate your long-term plans and take immediate advantage of the efficiencies. The net result is your business becomes more efficient and competitive now rather than sometime in the future.

Managing your energy infrastructure leaves you liable for the expensive risks related to downtime, maintenance and upgrades. Every moment you spend focusing on your energy assets is time spent away from improving your business operations and focusing on revenue-driving opportunities. We understand energy, asset management and risk mitigation and have demonstrated value to customers for over 25 years and have a reputation for our value across time. Let’s discuss together how we can assess your business needs.

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