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Winter Storm Preparedness

Hurricanes aren’t the only natural disasters that can interrupt business continuity. Winter blizzards, polar vortexes and ice storms can be brutal for many regions in the country, bringing with them extended cold temperatures that can interrupt critical business operations and municipal services. The key to combating severe winter weather is creating an emergency action plan that better protects your operations – and that means investing in the right solutions designed to help you reach your resiliency goals.

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How to prepare for a winter storm

Severe winter weather is more than just a minor inconvenience for your operations. Heat can be more critical than power, so you’ll need to find ways to ensure your critical heating needs or thermal process loads are resilient and backed up. If not, everything from emergency response time to product quality and the efficiency of the supply chain can be affected.

That’s why preparing for a winter storm requires thinking ahead. Knowing which threats your operations are most vulnerable to during winter. Creating an energy emergency preparedness checklist. And connecting to the right sustainable energy infrastructure designed to help you and your operations stay up and running

How sustainable solutions fit into your winter emergency preparedness plan


24/7 monitoring

With resiliency solutions, you can have experienced, staffed and available round-the-clock professional support letting you know how your facilities and power supply are doing in real time before, during and after the winter storm. Doing so helps you better prepare and shift your response and recovery strategy in real time.


Preventive maintenance

Recovering from winter storms is about more than just your response to severe weather – it’s also about being prepared. As-a-service resiliency programs include weatherization and regular testing – not just once a year – to find and fix any issues as well as monthly load testing that includes cold starts, which helps avoid operational issues.


Flexible financing options

With resiliency solutions and services, you can find the financing option that best meets your needs. With options ranging from monthly subscription services to power purchase agreement (PPA) add-ons to a separate Operations & Maintenance (O&M) agreement, you can have the flexibility to finance the best resiliency solution for your unique needs (and budget!).

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