1. Sustainable Hero

    Stephenie Robertson – FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

    Watch this video to learn more about how added resiliency is helping FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies better protect its operations – and what this project means to VP of Operations Stephenie Robertson, her organization and the clients they serve.
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  2. Sustainable Hero

    Stu Flannery – Charles River

    Charles River’s Stu Flannery played an instrumental role in his organization’s investment into a significant portion of DESS’ Pisgah Ridge Solar project, bringing his organization one step closer to achieving its ambitious sustainability goals.
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  3. Sustainable Hero

    Adam Shalapin – Ball Corporation

    As the Global Sustainability Manager, Adam Shalapin helps Ball Corporation to achieve aggressive renewable energy goals. His sense of purpose and connectedness drives him to create a renewable energy future in the hopes of preserving the planet for his daughter and the generations to come.
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  4. Sustainable Hero

    Amy Bond – Sprint, now part of T-Mobile

    Over her career, Amy Bond, Energy and Sustainability Program Manager for Sprint (now part of T-Mobile) has learned the value of hard work as it means meeting big goals and making change happen. Bond says that the results are achieved through meetings, clear communications and nurtured relationships.
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  5. Sustainable Hero

    Craig D’Arcy – The Home Depot

    A desire to cut energy spend and find straightforward answers to complex problems led Craig D'Arcy to his role as director of energy management for The Home Depot. Craig's work and story require more than black and white, right and wrong thinking to create "savings for a purpose."
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  6. Sustainable Hero

    Jana Ganion – Blue Lake Rancheria

    From helping ancient giant redwood trees survive to supporting food sovereignty and self-sufficiency, Jana Ganion, Sustainability & Government Affairs Director for Blue Lake Rancheria is on a mission to tackle what she deems "the issue of our time:" climate change.
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  7. Sustainable Hero

    Michael K. Naho`opi`i — Kaho`olawe Island Reserve Commission

    Restoring a Hawaiian island is something Mike Naho`opi`i, Executive Director for the Kaho`olawe Island Reserve Commission (KIRC), says he has trained for all of his life. Mike shares his history and efforts to blend culture and technology to solve major problems and teach future generations.
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  8. Sustainable Hero

    Rebecca Navarro – Palo Alto Unified School District

    For Rebecca Navarro, Sustainability Program Manager for one of the US’ top K-12 school districts — Palo Alto Unified — the sustainability journey and the change it requires should not be joyless. Just the opposite. It all hinges on building authentic, lasting relationships. Find out more about Rebecca’s sustainable energy leadership story.
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  9. Sustainable Hero

    Megan Jacobsen – Gills Onions

    From growing up and working on family farms to her current role as Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Gills Onions, Megan Jacobsen has always wanted to work in agriculture. The difference today is how integral sustainability is to everything she does.
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  10. Sustainable Hero

    Meghan Chapple – The George Washington University

    Inspiring tens of thousands of university students — and other universities around the country — to shift to emissions-free, renewable energy and more sustainable living is what drives Meghan Chapple, Director of the Office of Sustainability at GW. For Meghan, motivating the next generation is the key.
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