1. eBook

    Getting the Green Light Workbook: A Guide to Getting Your Energy Projects Approved

    In this companion workbook to our Getting the Green Light e-book, we’ll help you create a straightforward game plan for getting your energy projects approved.
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    Getting the Green Light

    Achieving internal buy-in for energy projects is a common challenge – especially when it’s a team of engineers and energy managers making the pitch instead of salespeople. Take advantage of this reference guide of tips from our team of sales consultants, engineers, and project specialists to help you get your next sustainability or resiliency project approved.
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  3. eBook

    Resiliency in the Supply Chain: From Port to Plant to Point of Purchase

    Our Resiliency in the Supply Chain e-book breaks down how microgrids are revolutionizing the supply chain by helping retailers, retail suppliers, manufacturing facilities and transportation ports maximize uptime and achieve the supply chain energy resiliency they need. 
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  4. eBook

    Building Your Net-Zero Road Map

    Our Building Your Net-Zero Road Map e-book provides the information you need for your sustainable energy transition. It’s the second installment of our two-part net-zero series aimed at helping you to better plan, finance and achieve your net-zero emissions transition.
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  5. eBook

    Financing Your Net-Zero Transition

    Our new Financing Your Net-Zero Transition e-book takes the guesswork out of net-zero financing options by walking you through the top seven sustainable energy funding sources. 
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  6. eBook

    Sustainable Life Cycle Management for Renewables eBook

    In our newest e-book, Sustainable Life-Cycle Management for Renewables, we’ll help you understand your options for extending the life of your solar and storage system.
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    The Energy Resiliency Spectrum eBook

    In our e-brochure The Energy Resiliency Spectrum we’ll walk you through energy resiliency solutions – from generator and battery backup to full microgrids — that not only help provide more business continuity with fewer emissions, they may also pay for themselves, too.
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