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As one of the leading sustainable and renewable energy companies in the country, we're here to help you envision what's possible — and then get it done.
Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions

Make measurable impacts. Reduce emissions. Gain resiliency. It’s time to connect to something greater.

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We understand our customers and their unique needs. No matter your goals, you can have peace of mind knowing we're here to connect you to the sustainable energy infrastructure your business needs today – and for decades to come.



Our nationwide offerings are designed to help your business do more and achieve more. We use innovative financing, advanced technology and the latest breakthroughs to create smart, sustainable solutions – all customized to your unique goals.



Our passion lies in accelerating the transition to a more sustainable energy future. But we're not just dreamers – we're doers. That means exploring cutting-edge solutions and services. And making a meaningful impact on the world around us.

Our Nationwide Sustainable
Energy Solutions

Our Nationwide Sustainable Energy Solutions

MW Renewables Owned and Operated

Creating a more sustainable, cleaner energy future

With 5,100+ MW (and counting!) of renewables projects nationwide, we’re committed to accelerating the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future for the world around us.
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