Off-Site Renewables

Virtual Power Purchase Agreements

Our mission is to create operational excellence in every utility-scale wind, solar and energy storage project we develop. In turn, that brings more affordable, reliable and zero-emissions energy to our customers.

The combination of our strong balance sheet, extensive experience and access to cost-effective third party financing enables our team to build quality sustainable and renewable energy projects at very competitive rates. And with VPPAs often exceeding 20 years, our corporate, utility, electric cooperative and municipal customers are confident we’ll be with them for the long run.

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Zero-carbon agreements tailored for large energy consumers.

Unlike on-site Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), which include the installation of a solar energy system on a customer’s property, a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) is mainly a financial contract that provides renewable energy certificates (RECs) from a specific renewable energy source.

Physical electricity is not delivered via VPPAs, allowing companies to invest in renewables without the constraints of geographic location or building conditions. Instead, the electricity is delivered to the grid and companies pay a fixed price for the clean electricity produced.

VPPAs aren’t new. We’ve helped organizations nationwide use them to tap thousands of megawatts of emission-free energy. What’s changing is the number of VPPA choices you have to make your net-zero emissions transition possible.



More solar and wind

From single corporate offtake to aggregated VPPAs, we put our national leadership to work to provide you with access to hundreds of MWs of renewable energy annually.



As the market has changed for VPPA terms, we’ve been able to help our customers trade both bundled and unbundled renewable energy certificates (RECs).


More than clean energy

We invest in the diverse communities where our projects are located – helping to create jobs, new tax revenues, income for landowners and support for environmental and public good.

Renewable energy options nationwide.


Corporations, municipalities and utilities as our offtakers


MW wind offtake via VPPAs


Equivalent number of homes with total emissions reduced


MW solar offtake via physical or virtual PPA

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