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Off-Site Renewables

Utility-Scale Solar Energy Systems

Solar is one of the least costly energy sources to build and maintain. Off-site solar provides the emissions reduction and local air quality improvement benefits of on-site solar without having to find the space or resources to install on your own sites. Off-site and community solar deliver results at utility scale, typically exceeding dozens to hundreds of megawatts of carbon-free energy. Through VPPAs, you can quickly tap these resources to lower your overall carbon footprint.

Cleaning of Solar Panel

Greening the grid with utility-scale solar

Off-site solar is a great way to go, whether you have nationwide carbon-free energy goals or are seeking to quickly shift your energy mix to 100% renewables.

We offer an array of solar VPPA options — including aggregation, renewable energy credits trading and community solar finance – that fit your needs and budget.



Nationwide Solar

We’re consistently developing new utility-scale solar projects – ranging in size and scale – across the U.S. that are available for offtake.


VPPA & Aggregated VPPA

Whether you sign a VPPA for 10 MW+ solar on your own or choose to aggregate with other renewables buyers, we’ll work with you on terms that best meets your needs.


Environment & Community

In addition to a commitment to quality and safety, we are also dedicated to supporting communities and helping protect the natural environment around our sites.

Commercial solar energy systems leader


Megawatts utility-scale solar projects developed and operating


Regional Transition Organization (RTO) markets served nationwide


MW generation of emissions-free energy per site


Corporate, utility and government offtakers of off-site solar

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