Off-Site Renewables

Commercial Wind Energy Solutions

If one onshore wind tower generates as much as 7 MW of electricity, how much wind energy do you need to meet your net-zero goals and science-based targets? These are the types of questions and challenges we love answering for large energy consumers.

Greening the grid with utility-scale wind

Since 2008, we’ve invested nearly $7.3 billion to provide zero-emission, renewable wind, solar and battery energy solutions for corporations, utilities and developers. Our ongoing, focused investments make us a trusted, long-term leader in the wind energy industry.

And that leadership goes beyond developing virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs) with solid ROI. We work closely with regional power markets and local communities to deliver social and environmental benefits beyond the boundaries of each wind facility.



Alone or Aggregated

Whether you want to develop a VPPA for an entire site’s wind — which can be 20 MW or over 350 MW or more per wind site — or team with other companies to share the advantages, we’re ready to work with you.


Multiple Markets

As one of the top wind energy companies in the U.S., we’re constantly investing in new wind energy projects for offtake. That includes delivering emissions-free, renewable energy to the grid.


Social & Environmental

For our projects, we invest to minimize our environmental impact while maximizing local economic and social benefits, such as jobs, new tax revenues and education.

Renewable energy leadership


Megawatts of zero-carbon wind projects


Our off-site wind solutions provide enough clean energy to power over half a million homes


Wind sites in operation across the U.S.
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