Off-site Energy Solutions

Achieving net-zero emissions goals requires businesses to think big. That’s why we offer a wide range of clean energy offtake for you to choose from — today and for decades to come.

Financial fast lane on your net-zero road map

As a nationwide leader in energy solutions, we’re often contacted by organizations that have committed to carbon neutrality. Others are seeking to achieve net-zero emissions or shift to 100% renewable energy.

We offer wind projects as well as operations and maintenance (O&M) to help you align to your science-based targets and help you hit your carbon-free energy goals.

Accelerate your clean energy future


Scope 1: Direct

Renewables, physical PPAs and additionality for fleet electrification and EV charging can help eliminate emissions caused by your facilities or equipment.


Scope 2: Indirect

Wind projects create clean energy electrons for the grid. Learn how Ball Corporation reduced absolute emissions by 55% with one agreement.


Scope 3: Supply Chain

For many organizations, supply or value chain emissions reductions can be one of the hardest clean energy goals to achieve. We can help connect you to the best off-site renewables solutions designed to achieve your goals.

Why you should consider off-site wind solutions


Sustainability Targets

Your organization’s goals are unique. We'll help you meet (or even beat!) your goals.

Project Economics

We leverage two decades of renewables finance and large project portfolio management to help you find the best value, including helping you trade RECs that you don’t retain for your sustainability goals.

Environmental Impact

From starting a new greenfield project to decommissioning, we supply clean energy to communities while constantly finding ways to lower our environmental impact.

Community Support

Whether we’re creating new rural tax bases and revenue streams or funding local school programs or community resources, community support is integral to every project we do.

Building Community Resiliency

Clean energy jobs are some of the best for long-term economic and social growth. We invest in training within local communities and hiring diversely and equitably to build and operate our wind, solar and storage projects.
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