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Community Solar

Utilities, developers and large power users nationwide are investing in community solar to save money, expand access to renewable energy and show they’re committed to a sustainable future. Let’s explore how bringing renewable energy to your community – without the upfront investment – can help you lower costs, reduce risks and better help you reach your environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

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How does community solar work?

Community solar functions as a subscription service for renewable energy. It allows large power users, or anchor tenants, to participate in bringing solar power generation to their community – all without having to own, operate, maintain or install solar panels on their property.

It’s simple:

  • As host, Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions owns, operates and manages the off-site solar project.
  • A small number of anchor tenants subscribe to solar energy produced by the project, receiving credits on their electric bill that help them save money.
  • The remaining energy is reserved for small businesses and local residents, who will receive credits on their electric bill for renewable energy produced.

By starting a subscription as an anchor tenant, you can see savings on your utility bill while bringing solar to communities that haven’t traditionally had access to renewable energy. It’s a great opportunity for organizations to transition to renewable energy while showing dedication to their community’s future.

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What are the benefits of community solar?


Save Money

As an anchor tenant, you don’t have to worry about upfront investments, construction or costs associated with owning an off-site solar project. And since your utility will directly credit you for energy supplied to the grid, you’ll save more on energy costs.


Lower Risks

Because we own, operate and maintain the off-site solar project, your organization can look forward to reduction of risks associated with maintaining the solar project.


Make a Difference

You’re not only reducing your environmental impact. You’re also expanding access to solar and helping to provide renewable energy to those who haven’t had access to it.

What is a community solar developer?


If you’re a U.S. developer of utility-scale solar and/or energy storage projects, and are seeking new capital to build or complete more projects, community solar can help drive the results you need.

As a project developer, access to reliable capital is critical to what you do. That’s why we strive to be the sustainable energy advisor you can turn to for more predictable returns – and full EPC services, too.

Here’s why Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions is your advisor for community solar:

  • Competitive Financing: Whether you’re considering commercial, utility or community solar, our nationwide presence and wide range of renewable energy financing options can help create the scale needed to bring you value for your projects.
  • Experienced EPC: We have over two decades of experience designing, building, owning, operating and maintaining solar and solar+storage sites. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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