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Energy-Efficient Lighting

If you can’t remember the last time your business has upgraded its lighting systems, you’re probably overlooking one priority that can immediately help reduce your building’s energy use, make a big impact on your bottom line and improve employee comfort and productivity.

Keep reading to learn more about how energy-efficient lighting upgrades can benefit your company, employees and the environment.

Lighting Panel

No matter your line of business, lighting upgrades are one of the easiest ways to make an impact on your facility’s energy consumption, maintenance costs and carbon footprint. Our energy-efficient lighting solutions range from LED re-lamping and occupancy sensors to lighting controls – all designed to help you save money and reach sustainability goals.

We’ll finance the upgrades so your business can save money and reduce energy immediately – without any upfront capital.

Here are a few benefits to upgrading your lighting


Achieve sustainability goals

More efficient lighting means less energy usage. If your company is working toward reducing its carbon footprint, energy efficiency upgrades will help you achieve your sustainability goals faster.


Save money

Lighting systems are one of the costliest components to operate in buildings. With energy-efficient programs that offer rebates and no upfront capital, upgrading your lighting can be a win-win situation.


A more productive work environment

Dim lighting can cause headaches, eye strain and lack of focus. Upgrading to more energy-efficient lighting can improve employees’ comfort and enhance safety, creating a more welcoming and productive work environment.

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