Retail and Distribution

In retail and distribution, your goal is to keep (and gain!) satisfied customers who will return again and again. That's why your facilities need a sustainable energy system that better protects seamless and efficient operations.

Why Retail and Distribution Organizations Choose Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions

Future-proof Your Operations.

Bolster Consumer Confidence

A sustainable infrastructure positions your business as a socially responsible and forward-thinking organization, a recognition that is increasingly important to customers’ values and goals.

Reduce Risks

Cost-effective options, such as Energy Infrastructure Services, help reduce risks across supply chains by better protecting the reliability and efficiency of your systems and preserving your capital -- allowing you to focus on your business.

Increase Resiliency

From on-site generation of renewable energy to reliable backup power, we'll create a customized energy infrastructure plan that will help your in-store and e-commerce operations run more efficiently during a planned or emergency power loss.

Your trusted advisor for retail and distribution industry solutions

As key segment manager for retail and distribution, John Frank helps connect large retailers and distribution centers with sustainable infrastructure solutions and the economics that make them work. He can guide you to the technology and services that can help you reach your resiliency and sustainability goals.

John focuses on building dynamic resiliency across facilities that feed into crucial supply chains. He understands the critical power needs of digitization, artificial intelligence robotics and order fill centers. He knows power and natural gas markets and has years of on-site assessment and implementation experience.

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