Health Care

Reliable and efficient energy systems are key when delivering high-quality services to patients. We'll connect you to the resilient energy infrastructure you need, so you can focus on what matters.

Why Health Care Organizations Choose Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability in Health Care

Increase Resiliency

Help keep your operations up and running before, during and after unexpected loss of power. Our team is here to connect you to the customized, cost-effective energy solutions you need to better protect your critical energy assets.

Improve Sustainability

We'll help you evaluate your sustainability initiatives, drive electrical/mechanical efficiencies and reduce energy consumption. And with solutions that incorporate renewables, you may be able to power your operations at a low cost for decades.

Reduce Risks

We understand the risks and consequences associated with electrical/mechanical equipment failure in the health care industry. That's why our equipment assessment is the foundation for a comprehensive risk reduction strategy for your operations.

Your trusted advisor for health care, pharmaceutical and life science solutions

As key segment manager for the pharmaceuticals and health care segments, Chadwick Johnson develops strategies to help your organization grow, be more resilient and control energy costs. And with his help, you can devote more of your resources to patient care or production.

Critical care means you need critical power, whether you’re treating patients or synthesizing a new vaccine. Chadwick is here to guide you through renewable and sustainable energy solutions, retail energy markets, distributed generation and demand response.

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Learn more about sustainable solutions for health care organizations

Want to take a deeper dive into how our solutions help drive your organization’s success? Click the links below to download an overview of our sustainable energy solutions and frequently asked questions for health care organizations:



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