California Solar Land Leases

Lease Your Land for Community Solar

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Help bring clean energy to your community.

California landowners, want to earn income while making an economic and environmental impact in your community?


If so, consider leasing your land for community solar. It’s the perfect opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future and earn a reliable source of income for decades while maintaining ownership of your land.


And with our team at Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions taking on all the construction, ownership and long-term maintenance of the system, you can rest assured that you have a nationwide renewables leader on your side to help ensure as seamless a process as possible.


Keep reading to learn if your land is right for community solar and what to expect during the process. Then, fill out the form and one of our team members will contact you to discuss how leasing your land for community solar can benefit both you and your community.

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Is my land right for community solar?

Leasing your land gives you the benefits of bringing solar to your community (e.g., helping your neighbors cut costs on their energy bills, reducing carbon emissions, etc.) – all while generating guaranteed revenue and allowing you to maintain ownership of your property for future generations.


This is a great opportunity for landowners who:

  •      · Own at least 30 acres in California
  •      · Are utility customers of Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE) or San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)


Additionally, your property may also be a good fit if it meets the following characteristics:

    •      · On flat or low-sloping ground
    •      · Not in a conservation easement
    •      · Not in wetlands



What to expect



Reliable monthly income

As part of your lease agreement, you will receive a fixed monthly payment over the life of your solar project. This provides you with guaranteed, predictable income for 25+ years.


No maintenance required

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions manages every aspect of the project, including construction, installation, ownership, operation and maintenance of the solar system. This helps to free up your time and resources for other activities.


Rest and recovery for your land

Solar farms have a minimal impact on your land, so you can rest assured your property is resting and replenishing its nutrients. After your lease ends, we’ll remove all equipment from your land, returning it to you with its topsoil ready for the next chapter.

Learn more about community solar

Community solar is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the solar industry — and we can help you leverage it to earn money and benefit your community.


At Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, we have a successful track record on single projects and full portfolios that include:

  •      · 20+ years of delivering commercial solar and storage across the U.S.
  •      · 900+ solar for business and government installations
  •      · 1-30+ MW community and utility-scale on-site solar sites


Learn more about community solar’s benefits and how it helps create meaningful ways for you to drive positive change in your community while helping neighbors save on energy costs.

Learn more about Community Solar

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