Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG)

At Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, we're passionate and ambitious about making a meaningful impact in the world around us. But taking a leadership role in helping to create a better future for us all is not just what we do – it's integral to who we are.

Making a meaningful impact on the world around us

We know accelerating the transition to cleaner energy does more than power the lights – it has the ability to impact real change in our communities. And while we help empower our customers to make measurable impacts, we also want to do so in a way that lifts communities.

From our environmental leadership and support for local communities to our commitment to transparency and integrity, we’re focused on making a long-term sustainable impact. That means striving for shared value. Helping to protect our environment. And fostering a culture of social responsibility, diversity, equity and inclusion.



Environmental leadership
As a nationwide leader in sustainable energy, we strive to accelerate the transition to renewables and more sustainable energy. And in doing so, we’re helping to create a cleaner energy future for all.


Social responsibility
We’re passionate about engaging with local communities. That’s why we’re committed to investing in training locally and hiring a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce to build and operate our wind, solar and storage projects.


Transparency and accountability are at the core of our organization. That’s why we’re committed to being responsible stewards and maintaining an ethical culture across our entire organization.

How we work with companies on their ESG goals

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions builds on the deep knowledge and broad insight of some of the most experienced commercial energy solutions teams in the industry. We know what our customers need from their business allies, and we’re uniquely positioned to offer customized solutions that address their short-term needs while helping to achieve their long-term sustainability, resiliency and ESG goals.

Our team is here to help address your highest-priority environmental, social and governance needs, including:

  • Thought leadership across a wide range of industries – all designed to better connect you to the best customized sustainable solution for your organization.
  • Financing and operating solutions that help provide access to cleaner energy through capital leases or operating leases that are affordable and demonstrate a clear ROI.
  • Long-term maintenance and repair that helps you meet resiliency goals.

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